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Started in 2009 as a Full Service Swimming Pool Service and Maintenance company with a mission to provide the best customer service possible.

Now serving selected areas in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

We also service Prosper and Celina.


FRESHWATER POOLS Maintenance Techs take the time necessary to properly maintain and balance chemicals for every pool at every visit. 

With an ever changing industry, all FRESHWATER Techs participate in continuing education in order to stay on the cutting edge.


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Equipment repair and replacement

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Operation Of Your New Pool / Things You Should Know

If you've never had a swimming pool, operating the equipment and programming your control can seem difficult. These basic guidelines can help you understand the system more easily.

The 3 most important things about your swimming pool water.

1. Water Level - The water level should be half way over the waterline tile / Half way over the skimmers. If the water level drops below the skimmer it may start to suck air and your pump will surge or run dry. This could damage the pump seal and will stop your pool water from circulating which will result in other problems.

2. Water Flow - The General recommended turnover for a residential pool is two times in a 12 hour period. This means if you have a 15,000 gallon pool, your pool equipment should be circulating 30,000 gallons in that 12 hour period each day. How long you run your pool depends on the gallons of the pool, the size of the pump and the time of year. Consult your builder for details.

3. Water Chemistry - Keeping your water chemistry balanced is very important to the overall health and lifespan of your plaster. That said, new plaster changes water chemistry rapidly. If you have weekly service you still should check your chemistry in between visits from your service provider.

Pool Equipment Operation

Think of your pool equipment operation much like the circulatory system of your body. Your pool pump is like the heart which keeps things the water flowing. Your filter is like the liver. It cleans and traps contaminants. Your sanitizer is like the nutrition you put in your body to keep it working properly.

Pool Equipment Maintenance

Skimmers have baskets that need to be kept empty and seated properly. A skimmer basket that floats or is split will allow debris to get through the plumbing to the pool pump.

Pumps have a hair & lint trap (basket), that need to be emptied and cleaned regularly. The pump must be turned off to clean this basket. The basket only fits in properly one way so be sure to take care in the way it is replaced in the pump. 

Filters come in three types. One of the most common is a Cartridge filter. This type of filter should be taken apart and cleaned on a regular basis. This is determined mostly on your environment. Consult your Pool builder for details. To Clean the filter you must turn off the pump and put the control in service mode. This will help prevent equipment being turned on while you are working on it. The filter is disassembled and the cartridges removed. Using your garden hose and spray nozzle, spray each cartridge element thoroughly removing as much debris and dirt as possible. (NOTE: Do Not use High pressure like a car wash hose. High pressure will damage the cartridge elements.) After washing the elements, replace them in the filter body and re-assemble. When the pump is turned back on wait for the filter to fill with water and watch for leaks. Be sure to use the air bleeder valve on the top of the filter removing all air from the system.

Sanitizers come in many different types. Consult your pool builder for specific details on your unit.

Know Your Pool System

Your swimming pool builder can provide you with manuals for any of your pool equipment.